patterns & practices Web Client Developer Guidance


The Web Client Guidance program from patterns & practices assists developers and architects with the design, development, and deployment of rich, responsive, modular, Web applications using the .NET Framework and other Microsoft technologies.


The Web Client Guidance program consists of two projects:

  • Web Client Software Factory. This project last released in February 2008. There will be an updated release that targets Visual Studio 2010. This release will be a port of the existing features and guidance found in the Visual Studio 2008 release. For information about the Web Client Software Factory go here.
  • Developing Web Apps. This project is currently under development. We will make changes based upon your feedback. For information about the Developing Web Apps project go here. The anticipated benefits include:
    • Provides infrastructure for developing and maintaining ASP.NET and Ajax applications
    • Provides guidance on MVC 2, jQuery, and the Microsoft Ajax Library
    • Unit testing for ASP.NET and JavaScript client applications
    • Responsive applications
    • Flexible architecture that allows change
    • Separated presentation including unit testing view logic
    • Application modules are developed, tested and deployed separately
    • User Interface components are dynamically composed
    • Guidance on how to improve Web client security
    • Allows incremental adoption of the components

For more details visit:


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