Audit trail with LINQ on db.SubmitChanges()

Objective :

I would like to create a Audit Trail entity in my database. The idea to keep a track of all the inserts, updates and deletes in tables. This table will have columns like Tablename, fieldname, recordid, beforevalue, aftervalue, datechanged, changedby, action(insert,update,delete).

Actually i was searching on this topic “Audit trial with LINQ” and it should happen on db.SubmitChanges() method action. I was expecting some features from LINQ to have this option by default in the latest version. I got tired searching lot of stuff googling and finally i got a blog where one has written a audit trial with LINQ.

Big thanks to Matt for his contribution !

Matt Hidinger:


matt’s objectives :

Automatic auditing of all inserts/updates/deletes for any table in your database with a single line of code, including:

  • What table was modified?
  • What fields changed?
  • Who made the change?
  • When did it occur?

He created a ER model  like this :


Usage : Simply define your audit definitions at any time before calling SubmitChanges();

   1:  this.Products.Audit();  
   2:  this.Categories.Audit();  
   3:  this.Orders.Audit().AuditAssociation(o => o.Order_Details);  
   4:  this.Contacts.Audit().AuditAssociation(c => c.Addresses).AuditAssociation(c => c.PhoneNumbers); 


– Ananth Ramasamy Meenachi


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